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How Is Scabies Treated?

How long should I leave the treatment on?
This depends on the product used and may be 8 hours or 24 hours.
You will need to check the information provided with the lotion or cream you are advised to use.

After the treatment
After the lotion/cream has been on for the appropriate time it should
be washed off initially with plain cool water and no soap.
Once everything is washed off, a shower or bath with soap may be
taken. Change clothes and wash as usual. Once treatment complete,
you can return to work or school. You will not give scabies to
anyone. Treatment should be applied twice, a week apart, in cases of scabies.

Itching may last for 2 to 3 weeks after full treatment. Use an anti-itch
cream or tablets from your doctor or pharmacist, if needed. Do not be
tempted to apply further anti scabies cream as this may aggravate the
irritation. The skin will need time for the rash to settle down. If fresh spots appear go to your doctor.

You may need more treatment or have a different problem.

What about mites in clothing and bedding?
Classical Scabies: Mites die quickly if they fall off the body and do
not spread on clothes, towels or bedding.

Normal washing of clothes and bedding is recommended.
Crusted Scabies: There are so many mites, which may fall off as
‘crusts’ (like flakes of skin), that all clothing and bedding should be
washed in a hot wash, and floors and chairs vacuumed.


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